So, I recently thought about rooting my Lenovo Tab M10 (according to the TWRP site, TB-X605F), so I flashed the latest version of TWRP to my tablet from fastboot, and realised: "Oh. I can't boot recovery on this." Holding power+volume down brings me to fastboot again, as expected. Power+volume up shows a weird "FFBM Mode" message in what looks to be the Arial font, centred on screen, on a grey background. Holding power and both volume buttons boots as if i was just holding power. I have no idea what to do. None of the fastboot boot commands exist on my tablet, nor do some of the fastboot oem commands. I am running Android 9.0 Pie on my tablet, and Linux Mint on my PC, using the adb and fastboot packages if that would help.

UPDATE: I managed to (accidentally) find out that if I boot to android, then hold power, volume up, and volume down at the same time until it turns off, then release power as the Lenovo logo appears, I can boot the stock recovery. However, I need to flash TWRP, and then boot it before booting android so it doesn't get overwritten. I still have no answers, but at least I know I can actually boot recovery mode.

  • So you have enabled OEM unlock in Android Settings and unlocked bootloader? – Robert Jun 15 at 12:39
  • that's strange because Vol Up should work. try again with/without usb cable. if no success you are left with rooting via official method and 'reboot recovery' from adb or terminal (with root) – alecxs Jun 15 at 12:46
  • I've always managed to boot into recovery by pressing PowerButton+VolUp+VolDown until the phone boots up. It usually enters recovery after that. I have tried this on another lenovo device I have codenamed a6020a46. – linux_enthusiast Jun 16 at 3:58
  • @alecxs still doesn't work, weird – Kat Jun 16 at 7:38
  • @Robert i have, and i can't re-lock it from the developer settings for some reason – Kat Jun 16 at 8:04

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