I have a Motorola phone on Android 8.0.0. The context menu (I guess it's called) changes position depending on where on the screen is long-tapped, opens with the bottom of the menu set to that point, but justifies to the top of the menu, or something; it's terrible, regardless.

When an item is near the top of the screen, this makes the menu like 1 cm long and you have to scroll over and over to get to the selection you need.

See screenshots (in the notepad screenshots, I'm long-pressing "Item 1" and "Item 10," respectively; e-mail shows the folder name).

notepad "Item 1" at top long-pressed

notepad "Item 10" at bottom long-pressed

e-mail Inbox folder at top long-pressed

e-mail Drafts folder at bottom long-pressed

How did this ever make it thru testing, or do they even bother with that sort of thing anymore?

How to fix this bug so that the menu just opens centered on the screen like any non-broken menu in at least Android 5 or before, or I think iOS 6 may have. Or is this a Motorola thing?

  • You should at least state the make/model along with OS version of the device you are using. Just "Motorola" and Android 8.0 isn't enough. Honestly it looks like an overlay/accessibility/chat head app which can draw over your existing screen. You should click on the three lines on the lower right to see if there is settings/controls for disabling/removing. Jun 16 at 0:29
  • This also depends on the apps themselves though. Are these built-in apps or 3rd-party (user-installed) apps? The Notepad app looks like developed in Android 2.3.x period. Apps targeting older Android versions may break if not maintained by the developer...
    – Andrew T.
    Jun 16 at 2:25

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