I have updated my Pixel 5 to Android 12 Beta, and in the last update, the "app" or service called "dex2oat64" eats too much battery.

I found some thread in Reddit, but they also don't know the answers like me.

What is this app/service?

  • dex2oat compiles the Java byte code to native ARM code so applications will run faster. After each update/upgrade all aps are usually processed one time this way which can take several minutes and a significant amount of battery.
    – Robert
    Jun 26 at 11:07
  • @Robert That sounds like a good answer. Why only posted as a comment? Jun 29 at 5:35

dex2oat is a utility used when installing or updating applications, so that was likely just a remnant of your "Android is upgrading" phase that you saw after the initial/first reboot after the system/software update.

Most likely you have just installed Android 12 and it's setting up everything/caching process in the background. See if it get fixed in a few days (3-4 days usually).

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