My Yotaphone 2 started to boot loop (can not finish booting). I can only reach "Downloading mode" or Android system recovery with options:

  • "reboot system now"
  • "apply update from ADB"
  • "wipe data/factory reset"
  • "wipe cache partirtion"
  • "reboot to bootloader"
  • "power down"
  • "view recovery log"

reboot or wipe cache partition didn't help.

I tried "ADB devices" but it can't see the phone and shows only "List of devices attached" (downloading or recovery modes).

The Windows_7 can see "Androd bootloader interface" in downloading mode or "Linux file-CD Gadged USB Device" in the boot loop state.

I was also unsuccessfil with the "go-mtpfs" to reach MTP file transfer in Linux.

Before I do the factory reset I would like to save photos and some datas.

Is there any other way how to save datas from the Android phone with boot loop problem?

  • if your bootloader is unlocked you can 'fastboot boot twrp.img' custom recovery and decrypt your files
    – alecxs
    Jul 4 '21 at 12:27

after trying (four different ROM) and spending many hours with

  • fastboot boot boot.img (some finished OK but still boot loop)
  • fastboot boot system.img (finished with errors and still boot loop)

I gave up trying to save datas and did "wipe data/factory reset". The mobile phone started after few minutes and works, unfortunately without my photos a files.

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