I have a rooted android phone running android 10. My 128gb sdcard with filesystem exFAT, had data of about 100GB. When I inserted it in my phone. My phone did not show the sdcard contents and asked me to format it. So I formatted it and sdcard worked normally. Then I tried to recover data by creating raw image of sdcard using

dd if=/dev/block/sdd  of=/mnt/meda_rw/BACKUP/sd.img

But this created sd.img of size 8MB which is equal to the size of current contents in sdcard(which android created automatically after formatting).

After that I looked up the mounted sdcard entry using df -h command, shown as :

/dev/block/vold/public:179,1    119G  8.6M  119G   1% /mnt/media_rw/AC8C-9FF9

Ran :

dd if='/dev/block/vold/public:179,1'  of=/mnt/meda_rw/BACKUP/sdd.img

This time, it created a raw file sdd.img of size 119GB.

I tried to recover data from the generated 119 GB sdd.img using testdisk, photorec, r-studio, disk drill etc. But none of them detected any file and showed 'Found 0 files & 0 directories'.

Note. My sdcard is stuck now in the slot & I cannot remove it as doing so might damage the pins.

Why dd cmd is creating sd.img of size 8MB only from /dev/block/sdd ?

Has the sdcard been completely wiped by android (during formatting process) due to which it is not possible to recover data now?

How can I recover data from sdcard now?

  • It is not possible to remove sdcard now. Is there any low level data recovery method within android ? I have chrooted linux in android phone. May be any linux utility could help ?
    – jonny789
    Jul 7 at 6:28

For Linux, as specified in the comment, Foremost can be used. For the dd image Sleuthkit with Autopsy can help. Another option is to use SIFT Workstation, in a virtual machine, which contains tools that can also be helpful.

Note that the data can be recovered only if the SD card was not trimmed: If I reset my phone, will it also TRIM the fragmented eMMC?

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