I'm trying to install a GPS apk (igo primo), I have the apk and all the files i need but i cant access the root folder the instructions specify. The instructions say this : "Move this folder to the root of your Android Device and install the iGO app inside."

Do i need to install the apk and then move the files, or the other way around? Can anyone give me a hand, I'm not very good with this. I apologize for my English


  • i don't think they mean root directory. 'adb push app.apk /data/local/tmp; adb shell pm install /data/local/tmp/app.apk;'
    – alecxs
    Jul 7 at 21:13
  • I assume "root" is in this case from the perspective of a PC the Android phone is connected to via MTP protocol. Then the root folder would be the sd-card section /sdcard. To move a certain folder there would make sense for Android devices prior to version 10. After installing the app it could use the files stored in this folder.
    – Robert
    Jul 8 at 18:33

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