after attempting to flash the device using Odin3 I've got an issue.

got a Samsung SM-A01F5 Device which has the following issues:

  • Can't enter Download Mode
  • Can't use FastBoot to flash the device
  • Factory Reset (with wipe) doesn't change anything
  • Can't open SD Card directory

What it can do:

  • boot into the bootloader menu (the only options are)
    • start, restart, recovery mode, power off
  • boot into the "Android Recovery" menu, with the following options (in brackets are my thoughts)
    • Reboot system now
    • Reboot to bootloader
    • Apply update from ADB (works but it limited)
    • Apply update from SD card (doesn't work)
    • Wipe data/factory reset
    • Wipe cache partition
    • Mount /system (doesn't work)
    • when doing this i get an error of ""Fail to find block device for partition)
    • view recovery logs
    • run graphics test
    • run locale test
    • power off

I've tried flashing these ROMs with Odin3

  • SM-A015F_1_20200302114054_jsgb2nfkoc_fac
  • SM-A015F_A015FXXU4BUD8_A015FOLM4BUD8_HiepGia_SSV

all 3 of these roms would get stuck on prisim.img


Edit 1:

I have gotten the download mode on now, thanks.

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