Working on an Android 6 (stock ROM) phone, which has only internal storage (no external sd card), and is not rooted.

Aurora Store is installed and updated on this phone via F-droid.

Aurora Store has a "Downloads" choice in its "hamburger" menu, where I see something like this:

enter image description here

So, clearly some .apk's have been downloaded - the question is, where?

I have checked the following locations:

  • /sdcard/Aurora/ - there are some random .apk's there, but not the two on the screenshot
  • /sdcard/Download/ - again, some random .apk's there, but not the two on the screenshot

With a bit of find, I also found the following location - but unfortunately, it turns out completely empty in adb shell:

$ ./adb shell
shell@DDDDD:/ $ ls -la /sdcard/Android/data/com.aurora.store/files/Downloads/
shell@DDDDD:/ $

My guess is, the .apk's Aurora downloaded are actually here - but I cannot access/see them, because I'd need root for that, and this phone is not rooted.

Could anyone confirm, what should be the default downloads directory/location for Aurora Store, on an unrooted phone with only internal storage - and whether root is needed to access these files?

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Aurora Store doesn't have an external storage option anymore.

Instead, once you've downloaded an app you can open the downloads view in Aurora store, tap and hold on your desired app, and select Save App bundle. Aurora Store will prompt you for a location to save a zip archive of the app's APK files.

Old answer

Aurora Store downloads files to app-specific storage by default (/data/data/com.aurora.store/files/Download).

If you want to save APKs to shared storage to access them without root, in Aurora go to SettingsDownloads and switch on "User external Storage". After this, APKs will be stored in Android/data/com.aurora.store/files/Downloads under Internal Storage (typically /storage/emulated/0).


You are right - I had the same problem...

However, "manual download" works with this folder:





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    Unfortunately I do not see a directory called Aurora in my /storage/emulated/0 volume. Commented Nov 27, 2022 at 1:34

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