I recently purchased a Nokia 6.2 to replace my 6.1 through Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon was no longer directly selling the phone themselves, so I had to purchase it from a third-party seller.

When I decided to check the status of my shipment, I noticed that the phone was shipping from China, which got me a little nervous, since I assumed the third-party seller that I had bought from was based in the U.S. When I eventually got the device, I decided to check which variant of the phone I received. It turns out that instead of getting the U.S. TA-1187 variant, I received the "global" TA-1198 variant, which has me worried that the variant that I received won't work with my carrier because it lacks the necessary frequency bands. Not only that but when I contacted Nokia, they told me the phone has an invalid IMEI number.

I am not sure whether resetting the device back to its factory settings would work. Should I try resetting it to see if the IMEI number in software changes?

To be clear, I'm not getting a notification in Android that my IMEI is invalid, it's the manufacturer of my phone that's telling me that the IMEI is invalid. I know that sometimes the manufacturer will etch the original IMEI number on the SIM tray or inside the battery compartment.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't provide an easy way to access the battery compartment without using special equipment to heat the glue that holds the phone together, so that I would be able to check whether the original IMEI number matches the IMEI number that the software sees. Also, because this is a preowned device, it didn't come with the original box with the IMEI number on it.

What I'd like to know is if there is a way to tell why an Android phone has an invalid IMEI number?

I know that when a phone is reported lost or stolen, the IMEI number associated with the phone will often get blacklisted, so thieves will often modify the IMEI number in software so that they can resell the phone to unsuspecting consumers. Is this one of those cases?

Or, was the IMEI never properly registered for some reason, as one Nokia customer rep suggested? Perhaps the phone was stolen from the factory before having its IMEI registered, if that's even possible?

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