Does android allow that an app could process incoming call audio?

This is a disability related requirement, for a user who is distressed by extraneous sounds from poor quality microphones and muzac systems. It's mostly a case of filtering out high frequencies that are largely irrelevant for understanding speech, but it would be particularly nice if I could analyze whether there is a voice speaking, or on-hold muzac, and mute or replace the muzac.

Where would I start looking at how this works? What libraries and interfaces should I be reading about? Are there any simple open source apps I could look at for example code?

I've got a bit of DSP and AI background, and general coding experience, but not an Android programming background. It is probably only viable for me to write this app if I can find a starter project which gets me close to what I want. Of course if there is an existing app that could help I'd love to hear about it.

  • Hi, note that app development is off-topic since Android Enthusiasts focuses on end-users or power-users (but not necessarily developers) solving their issues, and questions asking for finding apps are generally off-topic. However, the main question of "can an app process the in-call audio signal" is still on-topic and might be explainable from the power-users' POV, not the developers' POV.
    – Andrew T.
    Jul 15 at 5:36

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