The question says it all. So far I was able to find out

  1. Default android encrypted SD card can only be read by the phone or by a skilled hacker or their non open source tools
  2. There are tools that are clunky to use or not open source (cannot be trusted) or riddled with bugs (cannot be used with important files)
  3. I know I can zip files but that's so impractical.
  4. Most apps use weak encryption algorhithms that are not suitable anymore for anything but a kid who finds your phone in a park

Question: Is there no solution like examples: veracrypt (for windows) or luks (for linux)? Such as mounting a volume and accessing it in your file browser like I do now when I insert an SD card in my phone, it then mounts the volume, which I then am able to access in my file browser. That is what I want with encryption ideally, it's the simplest most practical and natural way to do it, so I assume there is a way to do it...


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