As the title suggests, I want my ringtone and other notification sounds to play through headsets. When I connect the headset, I need the phone speaker to be completely silent.

I've tried installing Samsung Sound Assistant (i.e. Good Lock Labs sound assistant) and this does what I need. Except....

...The volume of the ringtone is so low that it is effectively inaudible.

I've set the all the volume sliders that I can find to the highest possible settings, but still the ringtone is inaudible. By way of example, if I ask someone to call me (i.e. I know it is going to ring) and I go into a quiet room and I jam the earbuds into my ear as far as I possibly can, I can just hear a sound through them.

All other sounds, including text message alerts, messaging app notifications, unsolicited notifications (e.g. weather updates) all can be heard through the headset at a reasonable volume (if everything is set to max). It is just the ringtone - the main one that I need - that is inaudible.

How can I get the ringtone to play through the headset when it is connected at an audible level? To be clear, I need complete silence from the main speaker when the headphone is connected.

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