Received voice notes or stickers don't download since a few days ago. The message shows a down-arrow icon, I click it and the circle around the icon spins for a few seconds and then shows this error:

enter image description here

Any ideas on what else to try for this error or how to debug it? This is what I have tried, to no avail:

  • Internet connection is fine, other phones with Whatsapp using that connection work and every other app in this phone works fine. Tried WiFi and mobile data connection
  • Phone date and time is correct
  • Enough disk space
  • Cleared Whatsapp cache and also wiped Android cache partition in recovery
  • Whatsapp updated to last version
  • Backup messages, uninstall Whatsapp, install Whatsapp, restore messages
  • Tried with auto or manual download in Whatsapp options

As a workaround, it works using Whatsapp Web


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