I have a bluetooth keyboard that I've set up in such a way that I can essentially use every function on my phone using just they keyboard, with home and menu and arrow keys and such. The only major thing I still can't do is look at my notifications! I have to reach up to pull the bar down, and I can't find a key binding to just pull the notification bar down. Does anyone know of one?

In other words, is there a command in the format: key ### NOTIFICATION_PULL WAKE_DROPPED

or does someone know of another way I could accomplish this?


A workaround at least while in the main launcher home screen is to press MENU and then NOTIFICATIONS.

Else get HelloStatusBar and assign it to a shortcut key. You can also try Status bar Expander which uses a long-press on the menu key to drop the bar wherever you are.

Naturally, YMMV as certain devices don't support these apps.

  • unfortunately, ADW launcher doesn't have that option, and Status bar Expander works with a long press of the search button, which I like to use for Voice Search :/ Trying HelloStatusBar now though! – jlehenbauer Jun 8 '12 at 14:24
  • and now I'm getting Error Processing Purchase on HelloStatusBar :( – jlehenbauer Jun 8 '12 at 14:33
  • Status Bar Expander is a little classier, and the app acts the same as HelloStatusBar in that I can map it to a key-combo shortcut. Two buttons rather than one, but better than none! Thanks @Sparx !! – jlehenbauer Jun 8 '12 at 14:42

In Android 6 (aka Android M and Android Marshmallow), Win+N works.

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