When using Bluetooth audio in my mark7 VW GTI with my Pixel 3 on Android 11 the GTI can no longer receive any metadata other than the track positon. On-screen and steering-wheel controls that used to work to skip, pause, play, etc. all are unresponsive. This started at some point a year ago probably after an Android system update. Unfortunately the car does not have built-in android auto integration. My wife's LGthinq 7 has no issues.

Multiple attempts at resetting the Bluetooth settings on my phone and the car and repairing have not fixed the issue.

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Enabling Developer Mode and setting the AVRCP version down to 1.3 (was at 1.5) corrected the issue. After doing so and resetting my phone the metadata displayed properly and I was able to use the car controller to control my playlist again.

To enable developer options on the pixel 4a pull down notification shade and click on the gear to get to settings. Scroll down and choose About phone Scroll down to the bottom and click on Build number 7 or 8 times quickly until you see a message that says you are now a developer.

To change AVRCP settings go back to settings and choose System. Scroll down to the bottom and choose Advanced then Developer Options Scroll about 1/2 way down in developer options and find Bluetooth AVRCP Version and change it to 1.3 then exit settings and reboot phone] Source

This worked for me and was such a pain to find I wanted to get it on SE for better visibility for anyone else googling the issue.

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