My work Google account is one of many synced to my phone. I'm a teacher so I have lot's of student emails as contacts on my work Google account. When I do a search for say "David" on my phone's contact list all my students I've ever had with the name David show up and it is very cluttered.

Is there a way to remove the contacts of my work Google account from my phone without deleting them from the associated Google account, and while still keeping access to emails from that account on my phone?

  • It may be easier to find a contact manager app that allows to limit search to a certain group or account instead of trying to delete an contact entry that does not sync into the cloud.
    – Robert
    Aug 9 '21 at 21:01

If Your Phone is Set to Display Contacts from Google Account, it will likely keep showing except if you deselect the linked google account from displaying its contacts. Else, you will need to delet the contact and syncronize it.

  • Bummer, I was hoping that wasn't the case.
    – lightcat
    Aug 13 '21 at 17:44
  • I just figured out that in my phone's "Contacts" preferences I can set a google account to not display any contacts which is exactly what I wanted. I think that's what you are referring to, but I didn't get it when I read your response. Some more details would make this a better response. Thx.
    – lightcat
    Aug 15 '21 at 1:48

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