I have an unrooted Samsung A50 with Android 11 and have developer options activated.

I switch off my phone and remove the sdcard. Afterwards I mount the sdcard in my computer.

After mounting, I can see more than 360 files in the following path of the sdcard:


Afterwards, I reinsert the sdcard in my phone and start it.

When I connect the computer with the phone, I cannot see any data below /Android/data/ on the sdcard (everything else is visible).

If I use the most recent version of total commander on the phone and access the referring path

/storage/emulated/o/Android/data, there is a new link "-> Installed Apps".

as mentioned in https://www.ghisler.ch/board/viewtopic.php?t=72778 , I can just see one audio file there.

Is there anything I can do (apart from rooting) to access these 360 files when the sdcard is in the running smartphone?

  • Welcome Android Enthusiasts! Are 100% sure that /storage/emulated/o/Android/data is on your sd card and not the internal storage? Aug 18, 2021 at 18:49
  • @ReddyLutonadio : I can only comment on what I can find in the referred link ( ghisler.ch/board/viewtopic.php?t=72778 ). According to it, /storage/emulated/o/Android/data is just an artificial link to the sdcard data.
    – user733733
    Aug 19, 2021 at 12:53
  • as the link already explains there is a change in android 11 and there is nothing you can do. side note: sdcard is actually not your MicroSD Card
    – alecxs
    Aug 22, 2021 at 13:13


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