I'm using Infinix HOT 10. I got tired of the buggy pre-installed File Manager, so I started looking for alternatives on Google Play Store. To my surprise, I found Google Files app (which is supposed to be installed on my phone alongside the buggy pre-installed File Manager) in the search results with the option to install it. I wondered "If it is already installed on my phone, how can the option to install it be there?". So, I installed it. Then I ended up with two apps that have same exact name and icon but they look different when opened. The Files app that is pre-installed can't be uninstalled. It also can't be force-stopped or disabled, unlike the pre-installed File Manager app, the Files app that I installed or other Google apps. It's mentioned in the "App details" section in "Settings" that it's installed from Google Play Store. But when I chose to view it on Google Play Store, I got a message that told me to try again. I find this to be suspicious and weird. Any explanations?


Screenshots are available here.

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    Without any details it is hard to say what files app you have installed, especially as some manufacturer replace or modify the files app. So there is no definitive answer unless you have checked the APK itself. So I would recommend to extract the APK and then verify it's signature and check who has signed it.
    – Robert
    Aug 21 at 11:35
  • Also, mentioning the package name for all your file managers would also be helpful for us to help you further.
    – Andrew T.
    Aug 21 at 13:54

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