I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S, and MIUI 12.5.4 (Indonesian Rom). I installed the Twitter application, and for some reason, I can't see the new options screen:

screenshot of what new Twitter options screen should look like

Instead, I see the old tweet screen when I press the tweet button:

screenshot of Twitter missing new options screen

I already re-install it a couple of times, but no luck.

What is wrong?

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    Did you mean there's no "+" icon that shows "Tweet" and other menus like "Spaces", like on Step 3 from this article on Dev.to?
    – Andrew T.
    Sep 17 at 3:57
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    Maybe try installing from alternative sources that host apps? Assuming you installed this from Play Store
    – beeshyams
    Sep 18 at 1:02
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    @beeshyams Thanks I will try to download from their official site and will update here.
    – Or Assayag
    Sep 18 at 6:30
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    Ohh, ROM issue could be very likely. I don't use Twitter app but downloaded just to check if it is settings related and could see spaces (Pixel 4a running stock Android 11) // I think we've exhausted all possibilities to conclude its most likely ROM retired
    – beeshyams
    Sep 18 at 14:57
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    You are in Israel, and running Indonesia ROM. That could be a problem. Try to uninstall and when you install, deny the location access. May help
    – beeshyams
    Sep 18 at 15:34

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