On the Galaxy S9 (and I presume later versions, though I don't know for sure) there is a "mute all sounds" setting that can be toggled by pressing the power and volume up buttons simultaneously. While this can be quite convenient, it's also very easy to either forget to disable it, or to enable it accidentally in the first place, and then you miss important alarms and notifications until you notice.

Is there any way to get a visual indication when mute all sounds is enabled, such as a status bar icon or making the perimeter glow a certain color?

Yes, I know that you can check whether mute all sounds is enabled by pressing either volume up or volume down, which will show a greyed out volume bar with a caption that says "Mute all sounds is turned on" if it's enabled, but I'm looking for some kind of visual indication that alerts you that it's enabled when you're not actively thinking to check.



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