Question Which root method is safe and can be unrooted easily safely without aftermarks

I want to root my mobile lyf water 7 and change modify settings of PM set install location and if it works then I will like to unroot and install

Moving installation location on non rooted Android 5 Lollipop device

I googled founded three methods

  1. Twrp installing and installing super user

  2. Installing magisk which writes on Bot partition and don't touches the system partition

  3. Installing kingoroot or one root

  4. Xda rooting batch file


Which of the above rooting methods are safe to install what are pros nd cins of each methods and which and can be unistalled easily and don't leave any after marks after unrooting

How to unroot with all four methods

  1. Superuser

  2. Magisk

  3. Kingoroot or one touch root

  4. Xda batch dile



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