Question Is adoptable storage in any new android version (9,10,11) original ?

I am planning to purchase new smart phone mobile for video editing graphic editing game apps. I want to install aprrox 200-400 apps as file in video editing are huge so I want to use app from external micro sd card and save output and files.on high speed v30 u30 160mbps/90mbps micro sd external card

As new mobile within warranty so don't want to root and use link2sd or app2sd apps to.lapse void warranty

In android 5.1.1 lolipop there was option to move partly files to sd card by android llolipop native app2sd option settings>apps>app info "Move to sd card"

In android 6.0 marshemellow the option of adoptable storage to which formats the external micro sd card as internal memory

In android 7.1 there is option in settings developer option "Force app to SD"

In android 8,9,10,11 or 9 pie I don't what alternative option given there in below findings it say it have the option hidden and activated by SM (storage manager) command . Is there any way to get adoptable storage
( Formatting external micro sd as internal) or move app to sd (android native app2sd) or developer option (force app to sd)

But as samsung galaxy have removed all adoptable storage option form its galaxy smart phone but planning to start with android pie 9.0

Can any one suggest me which android OS 9 11.0 or android 10.0 or android 12.0 can support adoptable storage without rooting

Some.findings https://source.android.com/devices/storage/adoptable



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    Sorry, but device recommendation is off-topic here. You might be interested in our sister site, Hardware Recommendations Stack Exchange, but please ensure to follow their guidelines to get the best device for your need.
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  • @Andrew T. Bro thanx for reminding anad managing soory I didn't knew ...any other stack exchange forums for find recommendation mobile hardware...as in have once did in computer hardware and mobile is off topic there to...a personal suggestion feedback as a administrator u should recommend to move the topic to other sub site then closing or deleting topic thread..as closing long type question some users may get upset Oct 2 at 15:25
  • @Andrew T. Bro as my question is for android's adoptable storage technical feature on OS based opinion solution not only Ram ROM or device ..I think it's miisnderstood Oct 2 at 17:55
  • Sorry, the community has decided that device/brand recommendation is off-topic here. Also, Android device recommendations are generally on-topic on HardwareRecs.SE, but we generally don't migrate questions if we are not sure if the question as-is written will be on-topic or not. Though, probably they don't accept broad questions like brand, instead of specific devices. If that's the case, then there's no Stack Exchange sites that may be appropriate. You can try other sites like XDA Forums, Reddit, or Quora though.
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    Your edit was appropriate, so I decided to reopen it. Note that Stack Exchange is a strict objective/factual Q&A, thus opinions are generally discouraged. No hard feeling, but that's just what the Stack Exchange Q&A model is. If you want more open-ended discussions/opinions, then SE is really not the best site for this, and there are other sites out there that are more appropriate for this, like XDA Forums and Reddits.
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