Apparently, there used to be a 'remove' button for each device listed. Now, it appears that the only way to remove old phones I no longer have/use is to use 'Set up secure & erase', which supposedly sends a notification to the phone. That is useless for the phone I no longer have. The only other info I have found is that I need to completely reset my google account (new passwords, etc.), which would be a royal pain in the... There has to be a simpler way to remove unwanted devices, not to mention an easy way for both my husband and I to add each other's phone to the other's Find My Device, but that solution seems to be elusive, as well.

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Go here https://myaccount.google.com/device-activity/

and from the three-dots-menu of your old device, choose exit

Then go here https://play.google.com/settings/

and uncheck "show in menu" for your old device

source: https://www.reddit.com/r/googlehome/comments/adnfsv/remove_old_phone_from_find_my_phone/ediv5kb/

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