Note 8. T mobile won't help me unlock the cell nor give me ANY advice as to how I sim locked it or how to recover from it. I have 2 party verification thru Samsung. Try to factory reset. Gotta type in my pass. Okay I do that. But guess what. It sends a code to my phone that I can not get into.

  • The SIM Pin is a PIN auf the used SIM card. not of your device. If you don't have the PIN and no PUK cancel the contract with T-Mobile, remove the SIM and get a new one.
    – Robert
    Oct 10 '21 at 10:24
  • Insert your SIM card into any other phone. If T-mobile is the company that send you monthly bills and they receive your money, you should call their customer support again and explain you have problem with your SIM card (not phone)
    – alecxs
    Oct 10 '21 at 19:17

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