I wanted to know if I could flash the android_low_ram enabler zip file via adb and fastboot as I want to make Android run smoother on my 2gb ram phone which came pre- installed with full Android. I searched on xda for this but couldn't find exact adb command for my purpose.

Links -

  1. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/flash-zip-files-from-adb-terminal-and-other-commands.1353234/
  2. android_low_ram enabler zip file -- https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/mod-low-ram-property-patcher-for-android.3737373/

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This flashable zip does nothing more than installing some OTA startup script which does modification in build.prop


assuming you have unlocked bootloader you can install flashable zip from custom recovery via fastboot/adb

fastboot boot twrp.img
adb push android_lowram_enabler.zip /tmp
adb shell twrp install /tmp/android_lowram_enabler.zip

That might however not give the desired result, as OTA script is pushed to /system/addon.d which is a non-standard feature of LineageOS custom ROM, and so ro.config.low_ram

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