To definitively delete data on an android phone. May you know how efficient is the Dr Fone eraser solution before or after a factory reset ?


Dr Fone seems to have good experience in data recovery. Can we trust/fear them about their data eraser ?

Do you think it is possible after Dr Fone eraser to still recover the data ?

What software could be used for that ?

  • minitool
  • autospy toolkit
  • recuva

other recommended solution ?

Question applies in both ways :

1 Using Dr fone eraser and factory reset to the device How bad did the user damage the data on the phone ?

2 Is there some hope to recover the data ? To recover data after Dr Fone eraser and factory reset, what solution is best approach ?

  • recuva
  • minitool
  • autopsy
  • other tool ?

Data recoverability is the focus, because i wish to recover at least some data

Phone can be dismounted to recover files

Example phone would be android huawei Honor 9 I think it runs android 8 or 9.

Normally the device was not encrypted but maybe it was by mistake

After a simple factory reset it seems Dr Fone recovery was able to recover the data.

so Dr fone eraser was tried additionnaly to factory reset

after this nice mess on the device, is there any hope to recover the data on the phone ?

i am not personnaly linked to or a supporter of Dr Fone software. it is just that Dr Fone was used on this device.

and english is not my first language

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