I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 on Android 7.0. I use USB tethering to access the internet on my PC, but after enabling USB tethering and using it for about 5 minutes, it disconnects, and I should enable it again on my Android phone.

The USB cable is not broken (It doesn't have any problem with charging). I bought it about one month ago.

What should I do to stop disconnecting automatically?

  • A similar problem happened to my LG V20 running unofficial Android 14 (LineageOS 21). Trying to switch it on while connected to my computer just turns it off immediately and the notification and Quick Settings tile still reads that USB tethering is on. Reading the logcat for diagnosing this problem there is this: Tethering: ERROR could not enable IpServer for function RNDIS It's the error message with NO Google Search results. That's such an undocumented error right there!
    – Devan Wolf
    May 10 at 8:17

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In "Developer Settings", search for "Default USB configuration" and select "USB tethering". Reboot the phone (connected to the PC via USB) and try to access the internet.

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