I encounter this once. My phone was dead batt and I didn't do anything or remember anything that I deleted something in the settings before this happened. All I know is that I slept and my phone's locked so that I cannot do any harm to it.

But according to this issue similar to mine: Locked out of secure startup, they deleted secure files in the settings, that's why it happened. The screen on secure set up is nothing but a white screen and a text field that asks your password and even though how many times you attempt it's stuck on loop attempt 29/30.

Anyway, I told you I didn't do anything but this happens to my LGM400. This is already fixed because I just shut it down and turn it on my phone again. That secure setup only happens once. I would like to say this because I wanna know what is going on with LG. And it's kind of bothering.

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    Oct 24 '21 at 8:03

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