I'm experiencing this issue for a month or so. My phone had ran out of space in my internal storage, so I decided to download my photos from chrome to my SD card. Then I realized that the pictures were not showing up in the gallery.

I connected the device to my PC and the files are actually there. It was under a chrome folder, however, and not any type of media folder or even the already made picture folder. In addition, I am able to continue to save pictures and access the files when using the clicking on extending details. (I touch the recent photos icon and I can see them).

I have tried many things, such as removing the DCIM folder, erasing the .nomedia files, erasing data from the internal memory, and none of them seemed to work. Could anyone help me?



  • Settings → Downloads → enable ask where to save and save in the folder you want; this should work but not sure with Samsung
    – beeshyams
    Nov 3, 2021 at 16:52


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