wondering if it's possible to send a notification to an Android 9 device when a script finishes? I have a custom Magisk script that runs on first boot for my rom releases that does some things like set some useful device settings and such and I have exactly what I want for Android 10+, but I can't seem to find anything similar for Android 9

I found and use this for Android 10+ and it works great Send Notifications- Android 10+

Working Android 10+ Command: su -lp 2000 -c "cmd notification post -S bigtext -t 'A-Team Notification' 'Tag' 'Post Boot Install Script Complete, Enjoy!!'"

My problem is, I'm now working on an Android 9 device and obviously the Android 10 command does not work on Android 9. Does anyone know of a way to achieve the same thing without having to use a 3rd party app?



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