Flashing the ARM64 version (Android 11 or 12) from here works fine on my Blackview BL6000 Pro. However, flashing any ARM64+GMS only boots into the bootloader (not fastbootd).

In general, how would one investigate why this happens?

I can boot into the Stock Recovery, however, I cannot adb into the device because it shows up as unauthorized (perfectly authorized in the OS though). Unfortunately, afaik there's also no custom recovery available for my device.

I thought about reading logcat or dmesg but I don't see a way to access them without having adb access.

Thanks for any hints.

Here's my procedure:

  1. SP Flash the stock rom
  2. Unlock the bootloader in the dev options
  3. adb reboot bootloader
  4. fastboot flashing unlock
  5. fastboot reboot fastboot
  6. fastboot delete-logical-partition product(this is necessary because the GSI is larger than the stock rom system partition)
  7. fastboot erase system
  8. fastboot flash system aosp-system.img (automatically resizes system)
  9. fastboot -w
  10. fastboot reboot which lands me in the OS for the non-GMS version, and in the bootloader for the GMS version.


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