I'm looking for an application that will let me easily export any application I have to APK format (I'm not rooted). Normally, AirDroid does this easily and I love AirDroid for that. However, one of the downsides was that I need to be around a computer to do the said process. Are there any apps that offer a way for me to output the APK file from within the Android itself? I can see that some backup solutions provide this but I don't want a whole new backup system just to do this one small task. A small utility app of sorts would be really nice which has only one purpose and that is to produce the APK file.


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Backup apps using Astro File Manager.

Alternatively, you can use a little app dedicated for this task: App Backup & Restore.

  • Yup, that's what I needed! Thanks! Shame it can't backup system apps too though.
    – Propeller
    Jun 16, 2012 at 5:25

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