is it possible to restore adopted storage key which was forgotten? I have rooted android phone, I tried to navigate to /data/misc/vold/ folder with TWRP, but it seems that the key is lost forever?


Photo of vold folder

  • Did you root (unlock the bootloader) after forgetting it? Unlocking the bootloader will usually wipe the system, including the key. See this Q&A (which has been mentioned in your previous question).
    – Andrew T.
    Nov 27, 2021 at 22:01
  • Hello, root and unlocking bootloader was done much earlier before SD card was forgotten.
    – ao0oa
    Nov 27, 2021 at 22:10
  • create partition image and try testdisk
    – alecxs
    Nov 28, 2021 at 21:45


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