The automatic permission removal of unused apps is a great feature that I quite like (and therefore don't want to necessarily disable for a bunch of apps). However, my phone does not correctly identify unused apps. There are apps I use every day that get their permissions removed every 3 months (seems to be the interval the phone checks).

For example: I use Android Auto which calls up Maps (built-in Google Maps app) just about every day, and every so often, location permission for Maps gets revoked "due to not being used". I use Google Voice (via forwarding) for my voicemail, and permission for contacts gets revoked, etc.

It would seem whatever is supposed to track app usage does not function, and I wonder if there's a way to diagnose/fix that?

Under my Google account "Activity controls", I do have basically everything turned off for privacy, and I hope that's not the issue: (web and app activity -> off, location history -> off, YouTube history -> off, Ad personalization -> off)

As of right now, at least several of the apps that got permissions revoked are listed in the battery usage statistics (from the last charge), so evidently some parts of the system can correctly track usage.


  • Samsung A52 5G
  • Android 11 One UI 3.1 (using Nova launcher if that matters)

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