I work on the third shift, so I sleep during the day. But I get calls all day long, so I shut my ringer off. I would like to be able to allow a couple of phone numbers that can ring through no matter what.

Using Google Voice to do this won't work because I get calls directly to my cell number as well as to Google Voice.

How to set a profile that only allows selected calls through?

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The Setting Profiles app can do that. From their site:

What if I don’t want to miss an important call while I’m on mute?

You can overwrite current sound settings with a rule based on Incoming Call condition. Here is how to:

  • Create a new rule
  • Add Incoming Call condition and set it to your preferred contacts group (like VIP or Family)
  • Add Activate Profile action to activate the profile where sound is On and/or some custom ring tone specified

That’s it! Now even if your phone is set to mute, it will still ring in case of a call from someone from Contact Group you have set up in step two.

They currently have two versions of the app - a Lite and Full. I would try the Lite version to see if it has this feature first.

QR Code for Setting Profiles Lite:

QR Code for Setting Profiles Lite

QR Code for Setting Profiles Full:

QR Code for Setting Profiles Full

  • Awesome thanks! The last time I bothered searching for this was in the spring and I don't think this app was out yet.
    – Matt
    Sep 14, 2010 at 4:00

I use "Shh! Auto-Silencer" for a similar purpose, screening notification automatically (so I don't get calls at work rather than while sleeping).

It is a time profile based app that silences your phone between time A and B and allows you to set exception for contacts. The best thing about it is that it runs in the background (boot on start-up and runs off the alarm clock service), you don't need to enable/disable it as a sound mode.

alt text

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