This question may be asked before but I couldn't find a working answer so I will ask again. I got a Android 6 device which has root permissions. But its kernel is the stock one. I want to connect a cheap wifi adapter that doesn't support monitor mode (now don't write that I use it for cracking/hacking and etc.) to my phone. I also have chroot environment in case of compiling driver. How can I use that usb adapter to share my connection at least from chroot???

Now about why I use it: The router in class that is next to us has very short wifi range and it almost doesn't come until our class(Don't worry,we got their permissions) so,I want to use my phone to extend the range and be able to use that network in my class.(From other devices)

What I tried until now:

  1. Sharing WiFi on same interface using Create_AP. Result: It created a AP but clients couldn't get connection even though I could. And WiFi interface kinda hard blocked and didn't work until I rebooted phone.

  2. WiFi tethers for Android Result: They didn't work as well.

EDIT 1: I guess I got some progress. Check out https://pastebin.com/jQqHX5Ms



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