I have an Android device with Android 5.0. I turned on USB debugging and connected it to one laptop. The android device displayed a pop-up for USB debugging authorization, I allowed it. After a few days, I accidentally broke the Android device screen, it's not sensing any touch input and the screen display is quite broken. I have another laptop, and now I want, connect to that Android device to USB debugging.

  • How do I do it?
  • Is it possible to force "USB Debug authorization" from the laptop side?
  • Are USB Debugging Permission given to one laptop stored/saved in that laptop, like a file in the android-sdk folder or platform-tools folder, so that I can copy that file to another laptop and make it works, OR transfer RSA fingerprint, or any other ideas?

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You can simply copy the adb private adb public key file to a new computer or a different user profile:

# Windows

# Linux/MacOS

Afterwards you may have to restart the local adb server if it is running. You can do so executing adb kill-server. Afterwards the new adb keys should be used and you can open adb connection to your phone.

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