I was wondering whether to submit this question to SuperUser or here, but here are more application-related questions. Hopefully it was correct step.

My Firefox for Android's storage (not cache) is growing fast, currently being around >350MB and I'd like to trim it to a more reasonable size such as 0-50MB. I'm using Firefox Sync with everything checked (history, tabs, bookmarks, etc), so it does the ping-pong between Android and whatever else I use.

Since there's no WebExtension API present for manual exporting and other ways are broken too, I'm using Firefox Sync, but I haven't seen anywhere what kind of sync it is. It seems to me like a bidirectional sync, so I tested it:

  1. visited a website on the phone
  2. synced the phone
  3. synced the desktop
  4. visited history on the desktop
  5. page was present in the desktop history
  6. deleted page from phone's history
  7. synced the phone
  8. synced the desktop
  9. visited history on the desktop
  10. page was present in the desktop history and removed from Firefox for Android

Which seems to break the idea of the sync being fully bidirectional and there are some exceptions/rules(?) when syncing from the phone out.

Question: Is there any list or documentation available, so I can verify what's going on?

My intentions are to trim the Firefox for Android's storage either partially (clear profile data via browser, check size, compare results) and if that wouldn't be enough nuke the storage completely from the Android's settings.

By having that list/docs available I hope I'd be able to trim the storage without backfiring at me with nuking the data on the desktop as well.

  • Good luck. The deactivation of about:config page in Firefox for Android seems to indicate that Mozilla doesn't want to give the user detailed options to configure anything. Not sure if you will have any success in get Firefox act the way you want.
    – Robert
    Jan 8 at 18:18


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