I cannot for the life of me work out how to delete a PWA from android (on a Galaxy S21).

Google's own support page says that it should appear in my apps list, and I should be able to uninstall it like any other app. However, it isn't listed there.

There's no menu in the PWA from which I could remove it.

I've tried removing the shortcut, but the pwa is still installed.

I can't find anything relevant in Chrome's menus, or anywhere in Android's settings pages.

I've tried going to chrome://apps as you can on desktop, but the page doesn't seem to exist on android.

Any tips?

  • You can search for that app in Settings
    – crazo7924
    Jan 15 at 18:03

Hold on the app icon in laucher, app info and uninstall. if that doesn't work, Setting>apps and locate that pwa and uninstall.

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