So I'm a musician and I use my phone (Galaxy S8) to play WIP songs on other sources to make sure they're sounding correct. Up until yesterday, all I had to do was open up "My Files", go to "Download" and click on a song file to pull up the default audio player on the phone. Now when I click a file, it instead just opens the Spotify app. It doesn't play anything, just opens the app. If I click and hold the file, go to settings and try to click "Open With" it does the same thing.

I've looked in App Settings to try and see if permissions got changed somewhere, but there was no setting that I could find for that. My phone has been restarted and it has the most up to date OS, so I would really like to not have to factory reset. This is a huge problem for me, since I'm trying to finish an album right now and can't test the audio on two important audio devices, car and phone speakers.

If someone knows what may have caused it, or have a solution, it would be a huge help!

  • As a test I would simply uninstall Spotify and check if audio playing works again. If it works install Spotify again. Hopefully it stays in working state. if not then most likely something has changed in latest Spotify update. Contact their support.
    – Robert
    Jan 11 at 21:53

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