I have a Samsung Galaxy S II. Instead of Samsung Kies, I have installed MyPhoneExplorer to use for synchronization. This required me to enable USB debugging.

After I turn it off and connect Kies again, it still tells me I am in the wrong mode. Please note that:

  • I have made several tries, with reboot(s)
  • Even with debug off, when I connect a cable I get the "USB storage" screen
  • the only running processes are those that I cannot kill (system processes and some watchdogs, that existed while I could connect).
  • If I try to run MyPhoneExplorer again, it will then complain that no device is connected to USB (so Kies thinks I have USB debug on, and MyPhoneExplorer that I have it off...)

Is there a solution?

  • have you tried to reinstall MyPhoneExplorer? – nathpilland Jun 20 '12 at 21:37

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