I would like to know, on WhatsApp, for instance in the Android version, when making a video call, is it possible to have a text based chat area at the bottom, with the keyboard pooping up on the bottom of that, in order to be able to type while seeing the order person in video?

This would be very useful for people that can see but cannot talk, who want to chat, or when the other person cannot hear you properly because they're in a noisy area and adjusting the volume won't do, or the connection is bad and you can't hear everything.

But it works also be useful because some people appreciate being seen but can't take being talked to very well. For these sorts of people, text would be very appropriate.

But, perhaps even many people, want video available while texting.

Is this possible in WhatsApp?

Wouldn't it be a great accessibility enhancement?

Many people, may want to see the other person, and write. For example, it may be that after a dentist appointment they cannot talk, or they have some problem in their mouth, witch may be temporarily there or permanently there, and may be unable to sign on video to communicate. Even if so, they may want to resolve ambiguities in signing communication without closing the video connection.


  • I noticed sometimes you ask "Wouldn't it be a great accessibility enhancement?" on your questions. The answer is possibly "yes", but it's meaningless to ask on here since WhatsApp (or any other company) is unlikely to read your feedback here.
    – Andrew T.
    Jan 15 at 14:37

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