I have a Pixel 3 that has been fine, but its 64 GB internal storage frequently gets full, and I don't like needing to connect the device to my computer with a physical cable (it blows my mind that it's 2022 and I'm still using cables for file transfer) and move files to my PC just to free up space on my phone to keep is usable.

I see that there were versions of the phone that featured 128 GB of storage.

How could I buy a >=128 GB internal card (or whatever it's called) and install it in my device, replacing the 64 GB one?

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The Pixel 3 does not have a slot for inserting an Micro-SD card. Therefore you can not upgrade your device.

The 64GB memory chip is built-in soldered to the main board of the phone. Replacing it is next to impossible.

The only workaround would be using an USB flash memory stick with USB-C connectors (or an USB-A version + adapter cable) and manually copy data from/to the flash memory stick.

But I would not recommend doing so as it increases the chance to break your USB port making it in the end impossible to charge without wireless charger.


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