I have a favorite Android app that saves its projects as name.ay files. I want to import such a file into an AVD running Android 11 so I can work on my PC (Fedora 35), but the app has no import function.

ADB reports that it successfully pushes it to all manner of places, including /data/mnt/androidwritable/0/emulator/0/Android/data/com.futuresculptor.maestro/files/Maestro/data/, but the file does not appear anywhere in the emulator. The emulator is rooted and writable as Google API. If I download the .ay file from Gmail, it appears in the Download folder, but when I attempt to move it, the data folder disappears and I'm left only with media and obb folders. The app data is obviously protected but I just want to add one little file. I can do this on my real phone successfully, but not on the emulator.

How can I get the .ay file into the emulator?



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