My friend has a Samsung Galaxy S8 (not S8+) that has a broken screen, but after operating with this broken screen for a while, wouldn't boot past the Samsung logo, and now won't respond to a power connection at all.

So to be clear, the phone doesn't do anything when plugged in to power. No partial boot, nothing on the screen. Nothing happens.

What are the options for recovering the data on the device, that's on the onboard memory module (not on the Micro SD card)?

  1. Is it possible to move the memory module to new phone hardware?

  2. Could the phone still be partially alive and be able to use a diagnostic mode to download the data via cable?

  3. What other troubleshooting steps should I use to diagnose what state the phone is in?

(I'm quite technical so feel free to get in to infinite detail.)


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According to iFixit tear down Samsung Galaxy S8 has a separate flash chip, it is the chip marked orange: enter image description here

But Samsung Galaxy S8 exists in multiple variants which can have a totally different hardware layout and components.

Technically a skilled person with the right tools may be able to desolder the flash chip and move it to a new mainboard or read it's content in a special flash chip reader. But this whole procedure may be useless if the device was encrypted. I don't know if S8 comes encrypted by default. If it is encrypted all attempts to read it with a different hardware will (most likely) fail because the encryption key is not include in the flash memory.

Regarding the current state: If the phone does not power on only an expert on Samsung devices can answer that question.

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