I have a Nokia 1.4 (TA-1322) running on Android 11 Go Edition. I have some apps which need to display over other apps, but whenever I try to enable it in settings, I see this message:

Feature not available
This feature has been turned off because it slows down your phone.


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Please help me because I really need this feature, or maybe a workaround.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Here are some potential solutions.

[Edit]: Non PC Solution added below!



Step 1: Enable USB Debugging on Android Phone

  1. Open Settings on your android phone..
  2. Navigate to About Phone
  3. Click Build Number several times until developer settings are unlocked. Usually a toast is displayed showing "You are now a developer".
  4. Now navigate to Developer Options. (Which are now unlocked in your settings)
  5. Scroll to USB Debugging option and enable it.

Step 2: Connect Android Phone to ADB

  1. Open PC/Mac with ADB installed. Check here for ADB installation instructions.
  2. Connect Android Phone to PC/Mac via USB cable.
  3. Click the notification popup on Android Phone and select File Transfer.
  4. Open Commmand Prompt/Terminal in the ADB folder on PC/Mac (Skip if ADB is installed system wide)
  5. Run command adb devices for a list of connected devices. The connected device should be available under list of devices! i.e
 $ adb devices
List of attached devices
xxxxxxxx            device

Step 3: Determine Android App Package Name

There are many ways to determine the package name of the android app whose permissions are to be enabled, including some below;

  1. Making a google search :).
  2. Using third party apps i.e Package Name Viewer.
  3. Checking the folder on Android phone Android/data etc.

Package name may appear like com.android.testapp

Step 4: Enable Permissions

Finally, to enable Display Over Other Apps permission for the application, type below command carefully into the Command Prompt/Terminal;

Note: Replace <package name> with package name of your application!

adb shell pm grant <package name> android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW


adb -d shell appops set <package name> SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW allow

Now return to your phone settings and check the permissions for the app, they should be granted.



  • Shizuku app (Download from here).
  • App Ops (Download from here).
  • Obviously the phone :).

Step 1: Install App Requirements

  1. Download and install Shizuku app and App Ops from Playstore or from below links;

Step 2: Start Shizuku App

  1. Open Start Shizuku by following the instructions here.

I recommend Start using wireless debugging method for those who don't want to use PC or root.

Step 3: Open App Ops and Grant Permission

  1. Now open App Ops.
  2. You will receive a prompt to chose a working mode, click on Shizuku then Continue and allow shizuku access from popup dialog.
  3. If Shizuku is running, and permission granted to App Ops successfully--
  4. A list of installed apps will be shown.
  5. Click on the app whose permissions are to be modified and--
  6. Under Other, you will see Display Over Other Apps permission.
  7. Click and Grant/Allow.

Enjoy diplaying windows in Other Apps.

Note: I have tested these solutions on Nokia 1.4 and they worked successfully, no guarantee for other phones!

  • Appreciate the self-answer, does this mean that permission restrictions such as this can be bypassed even on Android Go? If that's the case, then that's really good to know since it might be applicable to other cases!
    – Andrew T.
    Jul 6, 2023 at 7:28
  • @AndrewT. Yes actually...this approach was tested on Nokia 1.4 running Android 11 Go edition...and maybe applicable to other cases.
    – Jore
    Jul 6, 2023 at 21:46

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