I want to try thinking in UTC instead of my local time. There is no UTC region and no UTC time zone under the United States region.

How can I set my device so it always displays the time in UTC instead of my local time zone?

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Now Select time zone has a sideways ... that you can select Select by UTC offset; this is an alternate way you can select UTC GMT +00:00 without selecting a region. (Android 10, 2022-02 patch.)

I assume that this is the same time that one uses for SSL certificates, which I'd imagine is probably UTC instead of GMT. I use this as well, and it mostly works. The only trouble I've had is getting re-certified with Microsoft's OAuth mail server.


Set your device to the Iceland region. Iceland has a single time zone with a UTC offset of +0, and they do not use DST. Other time zones that may work are listed here.


On Android 13, I managed to do this as follows:

  1. Download a location spoofer/fake GPS location app, enable developer options, enable Mock Locations, and set your app as the location source.

  2. Set your location in the fake GPS app to Reykjavik, Iceland. You might have to click on a map, in which case anywhere in Iceland will do.

  3. Turn on "set time zone automatically" in your Android time/date settings.

  4. As soon as your device sets itself to Reykjavik time (UTC all year round) turn "set time zone automatically" OFF and LEAVE IT PERMANENTLY OFF.

  5. Uninstall the fake locations app.

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