On an Andorid hone without mobile service, I try to use Google Voice to make a phone call in two ways:

  • is it possible to make a phone call on Google Voice app? It always asks for verifying your own phone number and linking number.

  • When I try to open voice.google.com on Google Chrome browser, and try to make a phone call, it asks "Google will call your phone and connect you to ...". (I used to have a mobile service, but now don't.)

How can I make either way work, without having a mobile service?


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According to Google, on Android in the GV app, you just have to open settings and under "calls" tap "Making and Receiving Calls" and select "Prefer Wifi and mobile data"

I THINK you might have to unlink your mobile number if it is still linked. If you don't have carrier service anymore, you should do this anyway. Has to be done through web browser, if I remember correctly.

  • Thanks. Why does Google Voice want to link phone number? I linked it to the phone number on a phone that I borrowed with mobile service. Do you mean that I should unlink it on that phone. I now want to use it on a phone without mobile service, besides the one that I borrowed.
    – Tim
    Apr 13, 2022 at 20:32

Almost two years late, I know, but should anyone need an answer to this in the future:

To make a call look like it's coming from your GV# without having/using a data/internet connection, do the following:

  1. Call your own GV #

  2. Wait for your name/greeting to play, then press * (asterisk) - it might take multiple tries due to GV's picky timing.

  3. Enter your GV PIN & press # (pound/hash sign). If you have a linked phone number on your GV account (one that calls to your GV# are forwarded to), then you'll be asked to enter it for additional security (also followed by #).

  4. If you have voice messages, they'll start playing - press * (asterisk) to get back to the main menu.

  5. Press 2, then the phone # that you want to call (with the receiving end showing your GV# number as the caller ID).


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