I recently sent private feedback to the developers of Microsoft Launcher (Beta), using the app's Feedback option (Options > Help and Feedback > Send feedback).

Now, a few days later, I got a notification from the Play Store that the developer responded, but I can't find the response anywhere. What I do see is this:

  • Open Play Store

  • Click on my profile picture, and select Offers and Notifications

  • Select the Notifications tab. There's one entry that says: Reaction from the developer on your review: View the response, and update your review for Microsoft Launcher:

    Notificationss tab

  • Clicking on this entry opens the app's information page in the Play Store, but not my message, nor the developer's response.

    Info page

Where can I find the developer's response? It seems to be integrated in Play Store?

This old question suggests that an email is sent, but I can't find anything (not in the spam folder either)

If it makes a difference, this is an old phone with Android 8.1

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I found my own answer already. When using a newer phone with Android 11, I do see my own feedback and the developer's response.

Not even having Microsoft Launcher installed on that phone, I can search the Play Store for it, and on the app's information page (2nd screenshot in my question) I see the information I was looking for.

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