I am syncing files to my phone (Fairphone 4) with Nextcloud, and wish to access these files using termux. Currently access is denied, is there a way to set this up to work other than rooting the device or is that the way forward?

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Unfortunately Termux cannot pass SAF-based storage access (like you would do with a file explorer by selecting - for example - a file using Google Drive app).

But there is an alternative : Rclone. Rclone can give you access to many and many online drives (including NextCloud). It is only a command-line utility.

To install it in Termux, simply run pkg in rclone. Then, you need to set the remotes (= online drives) you want : rclone config. See the docs to know how to add remotes correctly.

Say you now have a remote with the name "myRemote", you can do whatever you want :

  • Copy a file to current local directory in Termux : rclone copy myRemote:file2Copy.txt .
  • List the files on the remote : rclone ls myRemote:
  • Etc...

The only drawback, is that you can only access to rclone remotes using a terminal.

There is a way to mount rclone remotes on the device, but you need to be rooted. Check this great answer here if you are interested.

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